Salvation – Chapter II – Silence in the streets

<<I never had a boyfriend. I think I should be embarrassed ┬áby this confession, I mean I’m 15, not too soon 16. I feel as if I am late for something. I was once kissed. It was wet and moist, a fatal combination of both, clumsy and painful. Would it be different if I’d kissed a boyfriend? Will I ever have to do that? Should I want to do that? Mom’s calling…>>

It was sometime between the falling of the leaves and the freezing snow when my dear Lily thought about this. She was home again that lovely Wednesday, after a Tuesday in bed and a Monday of doctors. She was quite bored and several failed attempts of putting remedy to it did not but lead the way to this odd thoughts. But she did not dwell in them for long, thank god, for what soon enough a letter arrived.

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Salvation – Chapter I – It was her who was the ghost

It was a warm, solid day when the first letter arrived. She was sick and stayed home, as she usually did. All those kids known to her only by the apparition of their faces on her window passed by on their way to school, as she spent one more day on the sofa, hiding her body under a heavy blanket and burying her thoughts under the TV’s noise. Yet it was her who was the ghost. Skin pale as an unwritten paper, eyes deep, framed by prominent dark auras, cheekbones, shoulder bones and any other bones popping out for attention, fingers and toes long and thin as pencils and as much body fat as a dying being could have. What was wrong with her? you may ask.

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