Quick post – Dehumanization

Can’t contain myself after the form some journalist from Spain has treated the news about the ebola case of the nurse.
How is it even possible that you bring up data about the millions of euros companies, especially from the tourism sector, have lost in the stock exchange?
There is a PERSON in a hospital, having an experimental treatment, having no clue how this is going to end (let’s pray for the best) and you bring up Iberia? There has clearly been a fail in the security protocol that put this PERSON isolated in a hospital, who I am 100% sure is having the worst time of her life along with her family and you talk about money?
Not everything can’t be understood through economy and certainly money is not relevant in this case. I can’t understand how could anyone think of that right now, I can’t understand how we came to think that Economy is the only thing that matters, even before people. Yet, should I really be surprised?