Welcome to me: how to be me by me

This is one of those days were I understand nothing about myself.
I woke up with a sore eye, head-ache and being too hard on myself.
I woke up 6:30 though I could have sweared that I put the alarm at 7 and the number of times that I pressed snooze should have warned me that this was not going to be ok. And since then everything annoys. Me, the most.
I changed my clothes too many times and now, about an hour ago, I still feel unconfortable in my own skin. For fucks sake, I have being internally crying all the way from my bus stop to uni because I kept comparing myself to every girl I saw on the street. I sure know how to beat myself up.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to me: how to be me by me

  1. You should stop comparing yourself to other girls, you are one of the most beautiful, kind, smart and talented girl I know. So do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and please, love yourself as others love you, sweetie 🙂


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