Dark clouds

He stood up and walked to the front of the class, a wide, smug grin on his face. He did it again, for the 5th consecutive year HE was the class representative. A kind of godly feeling crept inside him, the destiny of his classmates in his hands to do whatever he pleased. A sense of belonging as well, he who didn’t have ‘a group’ was now, when necessary, part of all groups.
And then he speaks. Tall, handosome and chemically built-up, he says: you know I wouldn’t mind being your right hand *wink wink*. And he swoons, truly embarransingly. But all of sudden windows fly open, a terrible odour poisons their brains and their eyes seem untrustworthy when a little, ugly and quite frankly disgusting elf appears before them. And he says while scratching his ass:
– I am the spirit of impossible crushes and my duty is to break your – points a threatening tiny finger to him – heart.
And as clouds get dark and light seems a distant dream, he turns his back to him and flirts with the next one on the list, while in the air a throaty laugh is heard.

The inspiration especially for the characters comes from my own life though they are exagerated and i have made up almosr everything, so put it clearly THESE ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE, SITUATIONS OR CRUSHES as far as I know