My shyness, your dullness

It was a very, very crowded pub on a Friday night, in that street that every city seems to have. They walked close together after serveral minutes passed by trying to park, each turn making her belly growl like a furious bear attacked by nervous butterflies and by the time the car stopped, she had wobbly legs, shaky hands and too many insecurities in her head, so he took her hand.  They approached the group; he with a big smile, a smile made of pride and excitment; she with a trembling upper lip, a very disturbing nervous twitch.

And the night went by. She didn’t talk much, that’s true, but again she never does if she does not know the others well enough. Tom though she was nice, quiet but very nice, even sassy at times and completely in love with Alec. Laura thought she was so cute all shy, standing there always close to Alec, she was clearly so in love with Alec. Amanda tought that she would have to see her a lot since Alec seemed to really fancy her, thought she didn’t know if she would fit in their group of friends, she barely said anything! Nic thought she was dull and he didn’t mind not seeing her ever again.

I was in the bus and as usual my mind decided that then and there was a perfect time to have some thoughts (and a bit of self-doubt) about myself. I am the girl that barely speaks when she meets new people, that doesn’t know where does she fit in a crowded place full of people she doesn’t know anything about and so stands in a corner until someone pities her and comes to talk to her. Continue reading


YOU inspire me

Little writing after I read this inspiring writing by a man I deeply admire

She woke up early that Sunday morning to a hot body grapping fiercely to her. She fought him trying to escape his sweet embrace, mentally kicking herself for actually leaving the safeness of his arms rather than stay and watch him serenely sleep, hoping that she was somehow part of his peaceful dream.

Out of the comfort of the bed, she stood up, showered and dressed, only to find that he had barely moved in his sleep but enough for the bed sheet to slip and expose more of the skin that had her hot and bothered as it always did.

She left quietly, gathering gadgets and keys as she went and in the last minute going back to her almost forgotten shades. She did it quickly. First, croissants and chocolate treats, plenty of chocolate goodies. Then, she bought the Sunday paper and gave a grateful smile to the very obliging checker. Finally, she slowly walked back home, holding difficultly the food under her arm, her sunglasses now on top of her head preventing her dump hair from distracting and the news wide open between her arms.

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I have had this word stuck in my head ever since I woke up, to be fair, not so long ago. I keep thinking about it, what it means to me, what it could mean to me and all I can think of is: fear.

It seems a recurrent topic to suggest people to go and do things, live life, get out of their confort zone, carpe diem and so on. And don’t get me wrong, that’s fantastic but to me is also daunting.

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